Our Activity

Professional Development

A summer institute and online support materials will provide and support the teaching of Computer Science Principles.

There are two levels of participation:

  1. CISS Fellow Requirements:
    • Participate a Summer Institute for two weeks at CSU
    • Attend and present at four day long sessions at CSU through the academic year (June 16 - 20th)
    • Participate as needed in weekly support phone calls throughout the academic year
    • Receive online support throughout the academic year as a member of the Computer Science Learning Commons

  2. CISS Apprentice Teacher Requirements:
    • Receive online support throughout the summer and academic year as a member of the Computer Science Learning Commons
    • Invited to attend the four academic year workshops via distance learning or at CSU

* Summer Institutes

This year we will be holding our first summer institutes for 10 area teachers. This camp will last two weeks, the first week at the beginning of the summer, and the second week toward the end of the summer just before the start of the school year.

During the first week of the camp, project personnel will facilitate training for the teachers on the curriculum and methods for the CS course. The participating teachers will receive instruction and training on how to develop lesson plans for the course. Following this first week of training, CISS Fellows will be charged with develop their own lesson plans over the remainder of the summer (based on their individual teaching styles).

In the second week of the summer camp at the end of the summer, the Fellows will be required to share their work with each other, and with CISS project personnel. Specifically, the teachers will teach various topics in the CS Principles course to each other, and in this manner, will have a chance to fine-tune their CS knowledge, lesson plans and teaching strategies. Teachers will receive compensation for participation.

* Online Course on Teaching CS Principles

Participating teachers will take an online course for in-service teachers on content topics as well as pedagogy topics for teaching AP CS Principles. This course will go online by the summer of the first year of this project, and will be made available as a self-paced course, which will enable the teachers to be able to go through the course on their schedule. As well, the course materials will remain available to teachers who have taken the course on an ongoing basis.

The rationale here is that while some Apprentice Teachers may get to teach the class in their school in the year after they take the class, some of these teachers may not actually get to do so until a later point, and in such a case, the material will be available to them at the time they actually begin to teach the class. Teachers who successfully complete this online course will be called CISS Apprentice Teachers, and will be able to access all the resources that this project will create during its lifetime.

Mid-year Workshops

During the course of the school year, we will conduct four one-day workshops. During each of these workshops, CISS Fellows will present their progress and lessons learned to the rest of the group. CISS Apprentice Teachers are also welcome to attend these workshops. The presentations in the workshops will also be made available using distance learning infrastructure so that Apprentice Teachers who are not able to travel to Cleveland will still be able to attend (the OSLN has this structure in place).

CISS Fellows can use these workshops to share other specific ideas and strategies that have been successful in the classroom. These sessions will also include time for problem solving, as the entire project team will be present either in person or virtually.

For information concerning registration, please contact us.